Hāliu: Volume Two

Price: $15.00
Genres: Hawaiian, Traditional, World
Released: September 23, 2014
© 2014 Hulu Kūpuna Productions, LLC

About Hāliu: Volume Two
Three years ago, when Kellen and I decided to do a fun project at home,we ended up with Hāliu: Volume One. Since we usually focus on creating our own original music, I think we were both surprised when people liked our take on old favorites! It became a favorite of hula dancers and Hawaiian music lovers and fans have consistently asked us, “So, when’s the next one?” Through the years, our shared passion for Hawaiian music, both old and new, continues to grow and we find that our appreciation for traditional and contemporary Hawaiian poetry deepens and expands. Our love for composition certainly hasn’t waned but with such demand, it was only a matter of time before Hāliu:Volume Two became a reality.


The music of yesterday encompasses such treasures and as we assembled our songs for Hāliu: Volume Two, we made an even greater effort to research our selections. We gathered songs that we loved and took a look into the vast repositories of knowledge that are available to all and we found lesser-known versions, rarely heard verses, and lyrical variations that amazed and inspired us. As was often the case, diacritical markings during that era were sparse or non-existent so we made every effort to present these songs to you with modern orthography. We also made sure to cite the sources from which these lyrics came so that any who are interested can delve into these resources too. With this collection, we continue to honor the foundation that enables us to do what we do today. Join us as we embrace the songs of our past with Hāliu: Volume Two.

Track # Title Lyrics
1 Iā ʻOe E Ka Lā E ʻAlohi Nei view
2 Heha Waipiʻo view
3 Kawaihae view
4 Pua Līlīlehua view
5 Nā Hala O Naue view
6 Pua Carnation view
7 Sanoe view
8 Laelae view
9 ʻAnapau view
10 Kāua I Ka Huahuaʻi view
11 Aia Lā ʻO Pele view
12 Kaula ʻIli view